What I offer



I offer a gentle, person-centered style of coaching to explore a client's needs, using specific  coaching models and exercises, which prove to be effective and successful. This approach enables my clients to achieve a more fulfilled life. I am trained in counselling skills and I am therefore able to look at certain concerns with clients. However, if there are any deep-rooted issues that are encountered, I would suggest to the client that they may want to explore these with an appropriate counsellor.


Life coaching encompases all aspects of a person's life such as work, relationships, physical and emotional health and personal development. In my sessions, clients will have the chance to express themselves freely and explore their thoughts and feelings, in privacy and in confidence, at their own pace.


I offer life coaching to clients with any of the above concerns, as well as to those who are Highly Sensivitive People (HSP) or clients with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia. 



  •         £35 for one hour sessions        £150 for five, hour sessions (paid in advance)

  •         £20 for half-hour sessions        £85 for five, half-hour sessions (paid in advance)


Concessions are available - please ask for details.

Free initial consultation  



  •      one-to-one (within the Brighton / Hove area)

  •        over the phone 

  •        on skype


Sessions can take place on weekdays / evenings or weekends to suit the client.