About me


I was a self-employed hair stylist for twenty two years until a back injury prevented me from continuing. Years of styling enabled me to meet lots of people with different, sometimes complex, life experiences  which they would share with me. This prompted me to do a Counselling course in order to have a better understanding of how to deal with people's concerns and difficulties.

I qualified with a Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 2, 12 years ago. At this time I was diagnosed as Dyslexic. I then undertook a course to help me understand what Dyslexia meant, its different traits and how it impacts on people's lives. Later, I also discovered I was Dyspraxic as well and, as a consequence, joined a Dyslexic / Dyspraxic support group. 

In 2011, I discovered that I am also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which prompted me to join an HSP awareness group which I am now the facilitator of. A year later I began training for a Counselling Certificate, to learn how to support and guide myself and others. I then discovered that I was really interested in the coaching process of listening and support, which can assist others to get the best from their lives. I really enjoy assisting people along this path and get a real buzz out of it!

2004 Certificate in Counselling Level 2 (ABC)

2005  Dyslexia Awareness Course (Woodward)

2011  Diploma in Life Coaching (Achievement Specialist)

2013 Training to work with HSP (National Centre for High Sensitivity)