What is life coaching about?


Life coaching is about


  • identifying and talking about obstacles in daily life

  • asking the right questions when people feel stuck

  • breaking through a person's blocks and barriers

  • assisting people in making decisions

  • setting action plans and goals and assisting people to accomplish them



What are the aims of life coaching?


The aims of life coaching are


  • to unlock a person's potential

  • to assist in creating a life that is full and balanced

  • to develop confidence-building strategies

  • to assist a person to get the best out of their life




   " Life coaching removes the interference        

       that stands between clients and the  

       achievement of their potential." 


        Curly Martin, The Life Coaching Handbook, 2001




I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy my life coaching sessions with Tony. I have found his professional manner, intuitive and patient approach invaluable in helping me to make important life choices.